I was asked a favor 5 months ago to model for my friend’s girlfriend who is a designer-in-the-making. It was her final project before she graduates! I agreed but I completely forgot about it with everything going on. So, I got a text 2 days ago confirming my availability. I was a little concern because I have lost some weight gained during pregnancy but I am no where near my wedding weight. Yes, I am a little bit vain like that. I agreed anyway, mostly because my husband was excited. He took leave from work and accompanied me the whole day. What a gem! He insisted on taking pictures and videos. I could tell he was one proud husband. It was my first time doing a cat walk. I was all kinds of nerves but did okay I guess. I didn’t trip so I consider that a success. I had fun too; if your not afraid of the limelight, the nerves sheds off pretty quickly.

Here’s another item to cross of my Things-I’ll-Never-Qualify-To-Do. The other was being a stewardess, of course.

Thankful for the endless surprises life sneaks up on you.